Floating supercontour

STATIC projection screen designed for large projections, cinemas, theatres, museums and conference halls.

It is a stylish, easy-to-assemble screen. It can be manufactured in any size and format; especially large sizes. It admits any type of projection: front, rear and 3D. It consists of a stylish, matt black aluminium frame that ensures perfect tensing of the fabric. The frame is concealed by the fabric, the finish of the screen being the same fabric, providing a simple, stylish finish.

The frame can have the FLOATING SUPERCONTOUR finish consisting of the fabric itself, the CURVED FLOATING SUPERCONTOUR finish, for curved projections, or the DOUBLE FLOATING SUPERCONTOUR finish for concealment of the fabric securing system.

Pantalla estática supercontour flotante

Made to measure. Guidance measures.


300 x 300 cm

350 x 350 cm

400 x 400 cm

450 x 450 cm

500 x 500 cm


300 x 230 cm

400 x 300 cm

500 x 375 cm

600 x 450 cm

700 x 525 cm

800 x 600 cm


300 x 169 cm

400 x 226 cm

500 x 281 cm

600 x 340 cm

700 x 400 cm

800 x 450 cm




Lightweight black lacquered extruded aluminium frame. Size 14x3,8cm.


The finish of this screen is the same fabric that surrounds the frame, providing a screen with a very stylish finish.


Floating: Standard wall attachment. See other types.

Double Floating: Standard ceiling attachment by steel cabling. See attachment using floor stands.


Fabrics for front projection

Blanco Mate Satina/Perforada/Micro

High Contrast

Superlux / Superlux Perforada

Dark Antracita Opaca

Fabrics for passive 3D projection


Silverlux Perforated