The CONTOUR screen is specially designed for home cinema, projections for corporate suites, training areas, museums and small theatres.

It is a simple, stylish and easy-to-assemble screen. It can be manufactured in any size and format, with a maximum width of 4 m and a maximum height of 3 m. It also admits any type of projection: front, rear and 3D. It consists of a stylish, matt black aluminium frame that ensures perfect tensing of the fabric.

The frame can have the matt black aluminium CONTOUR finish, the black velvet CONTOUR DELUXE finish, for maximum absorption of possible reflections, or the DOUBLE CONTOUR finish for concealment of the fabric securing system.

Pantallas estáticas contour

Made to measure. Guidance measures


100 x 100 cm

150 x 150 cm

200 x 200 cm

250 x 250 cm

300 x 300 cm


100 x 75 cm

150 x 113 cm

200 x 150 cm

250 x 190 cm

300 x 230 cm

350 x 260 cm

400 x 300 cm


100 x 56 cm

150 x 85 cm

200 x 113 cm

250 x 141 cm

300 x 169 cm

350 x 198 cm

400 x 226 cm




Lightweight black lacquered extruded aluminium frame. Size 5,5x2,5cm


Standard: Matt black lacquered contour frame.

Deluxe: Contour frame with velvet finish to prevent light reflections.

Double: Double contour frame to conceal the tensing of the fabric at the back of the screen. Used for suspended screens seen by the viewer at the front and back.


Standard y Deluxe: Standard wall attachment. See other types.

Double: Standard ceiling attachment by steel cabling. See attachment using floor stands.


Fabrics for front projection

Fabrics for rear projection

Fabrics for passive 3D projection

Matt White Satin/Perforated/Micro

High Contrast

Superlux / Superlux Perforated

Dark Antracita Opaque



Dual Vision

Dark Antracita


Silverlux Perforated