Portable space

PORTABLE projection screen, ideal for events, occasional screenings, showrooms and exhibitions. It is a simple, stylish, easy-to-assemble screen and can be manufactured in any size and format. Allows front and rear projection. This type of screen, with a single frame, allows you to obtain different formats (4:3, 16:9, etc.) by just changing the fabric.

Made to measure. Guidance measures


100 x 100 cm

200 x 200cm

300 x 300 cm

400 x 400 cm

500 x 500 cm

600 x 600 cm

700 x 700 cm

800 x 800cm


100 x 75 cm

200 x 150cm

300 x 230 cm

400 x 300 cm

500 x 375cm

600 x 450 cm

700 x 525 cm

800 x 600cm


100 x 56 cm

200 x 113cm

300 x 169 cm

400 x 226 cm

500 x 281 cm

600 x 340 cm

700 x 400cm

800 x 450 cm




Basic: 3x2cm silver-coloured anodized aluminium frame. Widths of less than 4,5 m.

Super or XL: 8x2cm silver-coloured anodized aluminium frame. Widths of more than 3,5 m.

The portable screen includes transport bag for the aluminium frame and PVC bag for storage of the projection fabric.

Flight case: Wheeled box for transporting static screen.

Attachment with 2 removable folding legs, easy to attach to the frame. See other types of attachment.

Fabrics for front projection

Fabrics for rear projection

Matt White Satin/Perforated/Micro

High Contrast

Superlux / Superlux Perforated

Dark Antracita Opaque



Dual Vision

Dark Antracita