Las pantallas TENSIONED vienen provistas de un sistema especial de tensado lateral para conseguir una superficie con la máxima planeidad. Este tipo de pantalla de fabrica a medida. Se puede diseñar con el remarco negro y extra superior negro que se desee.

Pantalla tensioned

Fabricación a medida. Medidas orientativas:


100 x 100 cm

150 x 150 cm

200 x 200 cm

250 x 250 cm

300 x 300 cm

350 x 350 cm

400 x 400 cm

450 x 450 cm


100 x 75 cm

150 x 113 cm

200 x 150 cm

250 x 190 cm

300 x 230 cm

350 x 260 cm

400 x 300 cm

450 x 338 cm


100 x 56 cm

150 x 85 cm

200 x 113 cm

250 x 141 cm

300 x 169 cm

350 x 198 cm

400 x 226 cm

450 x 254 cm




The casing, small and elegant, is made up of a white lacquered aluminum box (for casings in other colours; consult) measuring 11x11cm or 14x14cm. The casing can be embedded in the false ceiling, remaining completely hidden but accessible for possible modifications.


Standard: tubular motor with mechanical limit switches, speed 17rpm. Operated at 230V AC/50Hz. IP44 protection. Consumption 225 Watts.

Silent: SOMFY tubular motor with a noise level of 44dbA, mechanical limit switches or via radio, speed 28 r.p.m. Operator at 230V AC/50Hz. IP44 protection. Consumption 90Wats.

Switch: Surface or recessed switch in universal box, with push-button up-down and stop.

Remote control Via radioSOMFY remote control with wall support, up-down and stop button panel. range 50m.

Mando a distancia Infrarrojos: SOMFY remote control with wall support, up-down and stop button panel. Visual range of 15m.


Frontal projection fabrics 

Electric Matt White/Perforated/Micro/Opaque

High contrast

Dark Anthracite Opaque

Rear projection fabrics


Dual Vision

Dark Antracita