The ELÉCTRICA SPACE series of screens has been designed for all types of projections, especially for Home Cinema, conference rooms, training rooms, etc. Its practical and aesthetic design, together with the multiple possibilities of projection fabrics and custom manufacturing, make them the most demanded screens in the audiovisual market.

Fabricación a medida. Medidas orientativas:


100 x 100 cm

150 x 150 cm

200 x 200 cm

250 x 250 cm

300 x 300 cm

350 x 350 cm

400 x 400 cm

450 x 450 cm


100 x 75 cm

150 x 113 cm

200 x 150 cm

250 x 190 cm

300 x 230 cm

350 x 260 cm

400 x 300 cm

450 x 338 cm


100 x 56 cm

150 x 85 cm

200 x 113 cm

250 x 141 cm

300 x 169 cm

350 x 198 cm

400 x 226 cm

450 x 254 cm




The casing, small and elegant, is made up of a white lacquered aluminum box (for casings in other colours; consult) measuring 11x11cm or 14x14cm. The casing can be embedded in the false ceiling, remaining completely hidden but accessible for possible modifications.

Standard: tubular motor with mechanical limit switches, speed 17rpm. Operated at 230V AC/50Hz. IP44 protection. Consumption 225 Watts.

Silent: SOMFY tubular motor with a noise level of 44dbA, mechanical limit switches or via radio, speed 28 r.p.m. Operator at 230V AC/50Hz. IP44 protection. Consumption 90Wats.


Switch: Surface or recessed switch in universal box, with push-button up-down and stop.

Remote control Via radioSOMFY remote control with wall support, up-down and stop button panel. range 50m.

Mando a distancia Infrarrojos: SOMFY remote control with wall support, up-down and stop button panel. Visual range of 15m.


Frontal projection fabrics

Electric Matt White/Perforated/Micro/Opaque

Lite / New Ultralite

High contrast

Trans Acoustic-Pro

Dark Anthracite Opaque

Rear projection fabrics


Dual vision

Dark Anthracite