Direct shot

TIRO DIRECTO large format screens are a range of screens intended for large conference rooms or performance halls, with a projection screen base between 5 and 8 m. For larger screens and with very continuous operation, see JUMBO screens. This type of screens is made to measure and can be designed with the desired black and extra upper black frame.

Custom manufacturing. indicative measures


500 x 500 cm

550 x 550 cm

600 x 600 cm

650 x 650 cm


500 x 375 cm

550 x 412 cm

600 x 450 cm

650 x 487 cm

700 x 525 cm

750 x 562 cm

800 x 600 cm


500 x 281 cm

550 x 310 cm

600 x 340 cm

650 x 365 cm

700 x 400 cm

750 x 422 cm

800 x 450 cm




Tubular motor with mechanical limit switches, speed 11rpm. Operator at 230V AC/50Hz. IP44 protection. Consumption 365Wats.

The casing is made up of a white lacquered aluminum box (for casings in other colours; consult) measuring 21x2cm or 33x33cm. The 21x21 casing can be embedded in the false ceiling, remaining completely hidden but accessible for possible modifications.

Switch for 21x21cm box: Surface or recessed switch in universal box, with up-down and stop button.

Switch for 33x33cm box: Switch with 3 positions, up - stop - down, with auxiliary emergency stop switch. For remote controls consult remote controls, although they are not recommended for large screens.


Frontal projection fabrics

Electric Matt White/Perforated/Micro/Opaque

High contrast

Dark Anthracite Opaque

Rear projection fabrics


Dual Vision

Dark Anthracite